Thursday, April 2, 2009

Now What?

Do you ever wonder what else could possibly happen?
Fear sets still have so many years left to live and you've already had so many bad things happen in your life. Sometimes you feel life is too hard. And it's hard to keep your focus on the promises of God and it's hard to always believe them. You can quote scriptures to your friend who is going through a bad time but until you live that experience you never know how hard it is to choose to believe that scripture when it doesn't match up with your circumstances. You have to choose to believe even when you don't feel like it. Eventually that promise you are choosing to believe becomes a part of you and you start to live it out. I had to chose to believe in the promise of being healed even though my body had cancer. I had to chose to believe in the promise of hope when my dad took his own life. And I have to choose to believe that God has good plans for the rest of my life even though my husband abandoned me. One thing I know is that God has become more a part of me after every journey. I know that God really does take the bad and turn it into something good...something very good if we choose to believe it.